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Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC Practices Areas

Vito Brunetti, Esq. Is Experienced In Addressing The Issue Of Domestic Violence.

If you have suffered from or been accused of domestic violence, you are not alone.
The New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety reports that law enforcement respond to over 60,000 incidents every year involving both assault and harassment.
At Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, we have experience working with people affected by both types of these situations and can help you get the protection you need.


We will handle your domestic case with the utmost sensitivity and with the ultimate priority of protecting those who are being abused. We are well versed in the process
of investigating instances of domestic abuse.


When Abuse Occurs


In New Jersey, there are legal measures you can take to protect yourself from relationship abuse, such as applying for a temporary restraining order. Once a temporary order is issued, the court schedules a hearing to determine if this order will be made final, or permanent. 


At Vito Brunetti, Esq. LLC, we represent victims through this court process, including applying for temporary and emergent support, filing for temporary custody of children and gaining exclusive possession of their residence. With a firm understanding of New Jersey’s domestic violence laws, we can explore every remedy available to guide you to safety.

It is possible for a judge to deny an application for a restraining order, but you have the right to appeal the decision. We know how the appeals process works and can help guide you through that process as well.


If You Are Accused Of Domestic Violence

We also know that there are instances in which people are wrongly accused. At Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, we can help defend you against false accusations and keep your rights intact.


Being accused of domestic violence means dealing with the potential consequences, which can be life-changing, such as loss of contact with your children. At Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, we want to make sure that defendants are treated fairly if they are adjudicated of domestic violence or the penalties involved are too harsh.


We work to understand your side of the story. When a couple is going through a divorce or child custody battle, we have seen first-hand how tempers may flare and one person accuses the other of abuse. Allow us to represent you and ensure your rights are protected.

Let Us Help You


To set up a free consultation appointment today or to learn more about our firm, please fill out our contact form online or call us at (201) 537-5248

If you are in immediate danger, you should call law enforcement and they can help get you to safety and start the process for securing a protective order.

In the meantime, to ensure your safety, you may want to identify a place where you can go to avoid violence, such as the home of a friend the abuser may not suspect.


If you’re in need of immediate help following a domestic dispute: in Hudson County, contact the 24 Hr. Hotline: (201) 333-5700 for the Battered Women’s Program at Women Rising, Inc.

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