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Trust Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, If You Need A New Jersey Alimony Lawyer.

In the State of New Jersey, alimony is an important aspect of a divorce that depends on many statutory factors. Like all financial decisions in a divorce, alimony support is based on the circumstances and equitable allocation of resources between spouses.

At Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, we understand that many spouses facing a divorce have serious concerns about their financial situations following the proceedings. We will assist you in determining both the eligibility for alimony support and the amount and term of the alimony payments. Our goal is to develop a system that is fair and reasonable for both spouses.


Types Of Alimony In New Jersey

In 2014, the State of New Jersey reformed its alimony statute, resulting in many important changes, including the types of alimony, co-habitation and retirement. The types of alimony or spousal support recognized in New Jersey, include:

  • Open Durational

  • Limited Duration

  • Rehabilitative

  • Reimbursement

  • Pendente Lite/Temporary

According to state law, the courts are required to take into account a number of statutory factors in order to determine which of these are appropriate in  your case, including the amount of an alimony payment and for how long it will last. At Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, we know how to help spouses determine a fair alimony structure.



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Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC can help you resolve the issue of alimony and all other aspects of your divorce, including property division, child support and custody that may come into play during the proceedings. Allow us to assist you through providing comprehensive and objective legal help. 

To set up a free consultation appointment today or to learn more about our firm, please fill out our contact form online or call us at (201) 537-5248

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