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Going through a divorce can be a difficult time for many people, as there are a number of decisions that must be made while dealing with the emotional distress you may be experiencing. At Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, we understand that many spouses facing a divorce have serious concerns about their financial situations following the proceedings. Our New Jersey alimony lawyer can assist you with determining alimony payments and developing a system that works for both spouses.


Types of Alimony in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey amended its alimony statute and there are many important changes that we can help you navigate. There are several types of alimony or spousal support including:

  • Open Durational

  • Rehabilitative

  • Reimbursement

  • Limited

It is often possible to modify or change arrangements, and our attorneys can help you through that process.


How New Jersey Determines Alimony

According to state law, the courts will take into account a number of factors in order to determine how much an alimony payment will be and for how long it will last.


How Legal Representation Can Help

At Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, we know how to help spouses determine a fair alimony structure. Our attorneys can point out several items that should be factored into a calculation.


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With a focus on family law, our attorneys can help you handle all aspects of your divorce or family matter. When you consult with our New Jersey alimony lawyer, you may also want to discuss property division, child support or any other item that may come into play during the proceedings. Allow our team at Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, to assist you through providing comprehensive and objective legal help. 

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