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Families that are trying to work through child custody and visitation may find that these situations can become tense and emotional. At Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC,

we understand the unique challenges people face when making these difficult decisions. We can help you understand your visitation rights and secure the most favorable outcome possible for both you and your children. 


A parenting plan is required to define the amount of time a child must spend with each parent. Based on the best interest of the child, we can help establish both a custodial and parenting plan that works for your entire family and offers practical solutions for raising a child harmoniously.


Determining Arrangements

In New Jersey, many people prefer to use the term parenting time as opposed to visitation when describing the rights of the non-custodial parent. This emphasizes the fact that all parents play an important role in the child’s life extending beyond the idea of simply “visiting.”


The amount of time the non-custodial parent receives will vary from case to case. Courts may take into account several factors when determining parenting time, including the following:

  • The needs of the child

  • The ability of the parents to work together on parenting issues

  • How the child interacts with each parent

  • The safety of the child

  • Each parent’s home environment


Types Of Visitation


New Jersey enforces a parent’s constitutional right to spend time with their children. In most cases, the only time a parent would be denied visitation is if it can be proven that a child would be exposed to physical or emotional harm in the parent’s presence.

There are countless parenting schedules parents can work with in order to come

up with a plan that is fair to all parties involved. Many parents opt for a set schedule, such as alternate weekends and one or two week days, if feasible. Yet every situation is different, which is why our team at Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, regularly helps parents determine an arrangement that will suit their unique living situations and work schedules.


What Is Supervised Visitation?

Depending on your circumstances, you may find that supervised visitation works best for your family. This is often employed in situations in which one parent has a substance abuse problem or if there is another factor present that could be a cause for concern should the person be left alone with a child. It is still important that these parents are permitted to spend time with their children, which is where a supervised visit comes into play.

In most instances, the visit may be arranged at the parent’s home so long as an appointed supervisor is present. The supervisor is typically a relative or even the other parent of the child. In other circumstances, there may be a court-ordered supervision, in which a member of law enforcement is actually presiding over the arrangement.


Modifying An Arrangement

We know that as life moves forward, situations change. Your family dynamic, location or work schedule could change which means your original visitation schedule or custody arrangement will no longer work as originally planned. We have experience with helping people modify agreements in order to ensure that both parents still receive time with children in a way that works for all parties involved.


Get Started Today


If you are faced with issues pertaining to family law, you can trust Vito A. Brunetti, Esq., LLC, to provide attentive legal representation. We have years of experience working with families to resolve matters as quickly and amicably as possible.. 


To set up a free consultation appointment today or to learn more about our firm, please fill out our contact form online or call us at (201) 537-5248.

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