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Our New Jersey Family Lawyers Can Represent You In Any Legal Aspect Of Family Law.



We understand that divorce is often challenging for the entire family. We will guide you through your divorce and will try to avoid needless conflict or litigation. We will strive to develop a reasonable agreement between you and your spouse; and do it in a way to minimize time and cost for you.

Custody and Parenting Plans

When the parents of children do not live together, certain issues must be spelled out. First and foremost, custody: both residential and legal (including who makes the major decisions for the child). Next a parenting plan is required to define the amount of time a child must spend with each parent. Based on the best interest of the child, we can help establish both a custodial and parenting plan that works for your entire family and offers practical solutions for raising a child harmoniously.

Child Support

The issue of child support can be an ongoing area of contention, and we can help you avoid disagreements with the other parent on payment amounts. Our goal is to make child support fair and reasonable for both parents.

Alimony / Spousal Support

Alimony is one aspect of a divorce that will depend on many statutory factors have recently been revised in the State of New Jersey. Like all financial decisions in a divorce, alimony payments will be based on the circumstances and equitable allocation of resources between spouses.

Domestic Violence

We will handle your domestic case with the utmost sensitivity and with the ultimate priority of protecting those who are being abused. We are well versed in the process of both investigating instances of domestic abuse.


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